True Aloe Hair Gel

3 & 4 Hair Types

Description True Aloe is A versatile, non-flaking styling gel used to brilliantly re-twist, coil, or mold the hair. True aloe is infused with green algae as a source of vitamin D. True aloe has a medium to soft hold allowing the hair to keep its natural ph balance and zero breakage.

Which hair type 3 & 4 Hair Types

Directions Daily Use as a styling agent to re-twist, coil, or mold and style the hair. This product is non-flaking and will not build up in the hair or on the scalp. Use to enhance curl pop as well.

Ingredients Aloe Arborescens, Dead Sea Algae, Coconut, Fruit Oils, Essential Oil Blends, Fragrance Oil Free.

Where does it fit into my routine:

Use for daily styling ~ Wash n Go curl pop coils retwisting two strand twist styling.