Monarch Hair Oil

4 Hair Type

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Description "The Common Wanderer"

Monarch Oil is a natural "hair food" used to feed the scalp. Rich sunflower and almond oils infused with calendula flowers straight from natures garden to add extra layers of nourishment to the scalp. The nutrients are absorbed into the scalp quickly, because it's a lightweight miracle oil. Seeping deep down into the pores creating a healthy glow and adding PH balance to the layers of the scalp and hair follicles. There's more! Monarch Oil seals the cuticles while locking in moisture protecting the inner and outer layers of the hair strands!

Which hair type 4-Hair Types, may be used with Protective styles and or extension styles

DirectionsApplying 4-5 pumps of Monarch Oil to damp or dry hair, working all through the scalp while lightly massaging from root to tips of hair. Adding a gentle shine to the hair strands with a heavenly scent.

IngredientsInfused Safflower Oils, Rose Buds, Calendula, Blue Violet, Sage, Lavender, Essential Oil Blends, Fragrance Oil Blends of Vanilla and Sandlewood.

Where does it fit into my routine:

Use daily and weekly for natural hair maintenance.