Indra Moisture Mist

3 & 4 Hair Types

  • $30.00

Description "“The Guardian”

A botanical garden in a bottle, blended to perfection for daily hydration. Indra Mist is a daily water source for hair and scalp that can be used on loose and loc’d tressess. It's a 100% all natural scalp refresher and can be used while wearing any protective and extension styles. Natural herbs & botanicals such as rosemary and tea tree herbs help restore PH levels to balance as it hydrates the hair and scalp.The hair is like water-lilies, not able to survive without a water source."

Which hair type Locs, braids, or loose tresses

Directions Mist Indra to the scalp for hydration. Let the hair air dry into the heavenly winds, while the scent sends your mind to some place in paradise..... leave in. Do not rinse.

Ingredients Alkaline Water, Flow Herbal Decoction, Fruit Oils, Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oil Blends, Fragrance Oil Blends of Rosemary and Sage.

Where does it fit into my routine:

Use daily for hydration morning and night! Indra mist can also be used after a shower or workout to refresh the scalp.