Chai Spritz Curl Enhancer

3 & 4 Hair Types

  • $30.00

Description Chai Spritz Curls Enhancer....Completely for curl pop! On the go hair styling, made simple with Ankh Care. Chai Spritz is a penetrating blend going beyond the surface that leaves curls soft, shiny, and healthy. Great for re-twisting, two-strand twists, and curl enhancing.

Which hair type 3 & 4 Hair Types

Directions Spritz liberally onto scalp and damp hair. Scruch hair in palm of hand and watch curl pattern begin to form! Style as desired.

Ingredients Alkaline Water, Glycerin, Fruit Oils, Aloe Arboreca, GFS Extract, Essential Blends, Fragrance Blends of Rose and Vanilla.

Where does it fit into my routine:

Daily use for wash and go styling and curl pop! On the go styling as well curl refreshing throughout the day!