Ankh Care Exclusive Twists

  • $150.00

ANKH Curly Touch-up: Touch up includes 1/2 bundle. Shampoo & detox. If extra hair is needed the price will be included at check out. Hair is Refreshed within the first two rows around the circumference of head.

ANKH Curly Twist Long: Curly Twist Style is to die for!! Curly Twists can be worn in Medium Long Layers. Hair Included with service price: Shoulder length: $500.00.

ANKH Curly Twist Extra Long: Ankh Curly Twist Extra-Long Style is to Die for! Curly Human twist can be worn Mid-Back in long layers. Hair Included with service price : Mid Back: $700.00.

ANKH Kinky Twist: Ankh Kinky Twist. Our Kinky Twist Style is to die for!! Kinky Ctwist can be worn Layered Shoulder Length. Hair Included: $500.00.

Ankh Afro Twist Short: Ankh Afto Twist short Style is to Die for! Afro twist can be worn shoulder length short layers. Hair is NOT Included with service: $400.00