Hydrate Pack

4 Hair Type

  • $90.00

Description Hydration is key and vital to your hair growth, the more you feed and water your tree the more your tree sprouts it's leaves.

Whether the hair is loose locked and or in protective styles. The hydration pack is a nourishing necessity!

Which hair type 4B textures and below loose or locked & protected styles.

Directions "For Locs and Protective styles such as braids twists and even crochet styles, The Indra Mist is your daily go to for hydration that promotes healthy hair, stops dehydration & shedding immediately! The more you use the Indra the more positive results you see.

For loose hair spray the Zarene Leave-in Detangler for added moisture hydration and to detangle. Always apply Zarene Leave-in before combing or brushing the hair to avoid breakage.

Follow up with the Monarch hair oil as a sealant and for shine. Your hair will truly thank you "

Where does it fit into my routine:

The Hydration pack should be used as a daily hydration water source and food source for the hair and scalp. It is best for dry brittle dehydrated hair to help restore the ph balance and rehydrate damaged hair. It used day or night day by day to hydrate, detangle and condition before styling and or re twisting locs.